Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keane's 2nd Album To Fail Miserably

The magic 8-ball sez...

If you haven't heard of anything about Keane's second album already, that is a good thing. First of all, there is no longer much interest in Keane, 2006 is the year they will go away and will not be a band that is of any significance. Practically every Keane fan that I know has lost interest in Keane and questions why that band is still existing.

Also, as Keane have shown on their debut album, there will probably be the same old boring songs that will come up on their 2nd album.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Keane Sucks, Here is Why

Yes he does sing like a girl!
Okay, his voice is also really annoying. By the way, I'm not jealous of Tom Chaplin (why would I be jealous of someone that has no talent?) There seems to be some misunderstanding of the reason of this site's existence. I am sick and tired of these so-called 'fad' type bands such as Keane and Coldplay that keep appearing every few years. Keane is just the latest band in the long line of these fad bands. Everyone thinks it's "cool" to listen to them and to hate the people who don't like them. Remember all those 80's bands (1-hit wonders) back then? The same thing will happen to Keane down the line. I don't care if they have a 2nd album coming out; that won't save them. In fact, I think that Keane's second album will do horribly and sound the same as their first album.

In addition, there are more reasons to hate Keane:
- Singer's really high pitched voice is out of tune
- Very poor presentation on stage (what is with the mic stand swinging and the piano guy headbanging?)

- Terrible album art: there is nothing on the cover except for the band's logo. Since pictures of the band are not presentable (due to fat face), at least have some background art!
- Bad band name. Keane does not mean anything at all. It is just another band to cash in on this misspelled band name craze.
- Target audience is those that have graduated from boy bands in the late 90's and now think that they listen to something worthwhile (but it isn't). Just because Keane are older than boy bands doesn't mean it is of higher quality.
- Songs that sound the same (there are only like 3 different kinds of songs composed by Keane). Slow paced songs, songs that put you to sleep, and songs deal with breaking up.
- Keane writes songs with terrible lyrical content all dealing with the same subject: "She dumped me, and now I'm gonna cry, whine, whine, etc)
- The lyrics themseleves:
"Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same" - Umm, of course if everyone's changing you don't feel the same!
"Why don't we go.. somewhere only we know" - Good job Keane, you made a 2nd grade-type of rhyme!
"Ohhh, can anyone find their home" - Repeated like 50 times.. enough already, we heard you the first time Keane!

- Bad promotion:
On some commercial, they have them say something like this:
Keane guy 1: 'we're british!'
lead singer (tom chaplin): 'we have accents!'
Keane guy 2: 'and we're really charming!'
Worst. Promotion. Ever. I myself wouldn't be interested in a band just because they're british and have accents. What were they thinking?!?!?

-Trying to be something he isn't (posing):
Heard on an interview "I'm trying to become Robert Plant" - What the f**k is this! Not even close to Plant, nothing in common. One is a 57-year old rock veteran, and the other (Keane singer) is a 20something pop-singer newbie in a fad band! Pfft.

Anyways, a year from now no one will know who the hell Keane are. Typical 1-hit-wonder band (okay, maybe 2) that'll be easily forgotten.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Anti-Keane territory: Scenario 5 Alive!

Towing away that fat face.
That's right, Keane deserve to be lifted and taken off the stage!
Scenario 5 has just been added! Some really strange stuff goes on in this one, plus a BONUS pic! And yes, Keane are the epitome of what's wrong with today's music. Also updated section 1.6; some mad slicing action in that one!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Keane will be forgotten

Updated scenario 4: added sections 4.7 thru 4.9 (including the tomato one! muahahaha)
Also made a change to the zine on the main page. It's now the febuary issue of queer magazine! And Keane have made the front cover!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The site is now located at: Anti-Keane territory or Anti-Keane territory

Monday, February 21, 2005

I hate Keane: New Scenario!

I've added Scenario 4 to The Anti-Keane Territory. Some nice pix, especially the one with Keane's Tom Chaplin holding the picture frame hehe! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Anti-Keane Territory debuts

Yes, Tom Chaplin's face is a tomato.

Hello, and welcome to the anti-keane territory! We hope you enjoyed the pictures we have posted. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments here. Oh, and in case you didn't come here from the original site, here is the link: Anti-Keane Territory